Hey Hey! I'm the camera girl with crazy curls, lots of laughter, & love for adventure. My main goal as your photographer is to really learn about you as a person, as a couple, or as a family so that I can plan out a session or wedding timeline that makes your heart feel overwhelming excitement! I don't take being a built in third wheel or photo buddy lightly. I will laugh with you, cry with you, and work my hardest to make sure that you leave feeling full of joy.

How do I work? It’s simple, really. Memory making and people come first. Your moments matter so much to me, because the people in them matter the most. It's true the big moments are important, but the little, in-between moments are the ones that set my soul on fire, knowing we get to savor them forever!! If you’re down to have a freaaaaakingggg good time and laugh a LOT on your day - I’m your gal!

Welcome To My Corner of Joy!

Roanoke Virginia Wedding Photographer 

My essentials

These are the things that I love every day!

I love bold and bright colors, both in my fashion and in my photos. So if you like to cry watching grey's anatomy, drinking way too much coffee or wine,and embracing adventure then I think we will make an awesome pair!


I am an enneagram 7 

which is where my passion for adventure and good vibes thrive

 My ultimate happy place

is surrounded by the smell of a strong coffee roast or anywhere you see a dog!

 I absolute love all things about Mexican food, 

no really I seriously could live off of chips and salsa.

Life should be full of adventure, curiosity, and beautiful chaos

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic to be successful. Really.

I believe